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“Your will be done. On earth as in heaven.”

We want God’s will to be done, but in our time and the way we want it. We might like slo-mo videos to see the little bits of action that our mind can’t quite catch, but we would rather a long journey be on high speed time lapse!

I have found that the first part of this petition is an excellent small prayer piece to work against pride and to build up submission to God’s good and holy work.

It is a great challenge in a world that so fully rests on our own pride, accomplishments, awards, etc.–to turn over active control to God.

In what things, activities, and relationships could you see God’s will working a different resolution or reconciliation? Are there frustrations because things are not working the way you think they should? Pray this portion again, focusing on openness to what God has in mind for you and the situation.

Be patient. Often we don’t see God’s work at first. Often, the way God works may not be the way we want or what we expect. God is good, though, all the time!

Readings: Job 9:1-12

A few psalms, randomly chosen should help you tap into waiting on God’s will and timing.


Pray for God’s will to become clearer for you, for it to be done in you, for God’s will to be done through you.

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