Messiah Spotlight

Spotlight on George Hauck

As shared with Nancy Showers Out for lunch and between bites of chicken sandwiches, George Hauck enabled me to consume a sampling of his family history and its place in our Messiah Lutheran Church. George was baptized by Pastor Weikel, confirmed by Pastor Logan, and is now serving with Pastor Chilton his second round on […]

Spotlight on Clyde Walter

Clyde Walter has been a member at Messiah Lutheran for his entire life. What Clyde enjoys most about attending Messiah is worshiping God, learning more about him, and interacting with other Christians. Clyde is a regular attendee at Messiah Lutheran and is a part of the XYZ (Extra Years of Zest) group. Clyde has formerly […]

Spotlight on Francis Blatchley

Frances Blatchley has been a part of Messiah’s congregation for the past 24 years. What Frannie likes most about Messiah Lutheran is that there are so many gifted people in the congregation and they all freely share their gifts and talents. Most recently Frannie has enjoyed working in our church’s garden to help provide fresh […]

Spotlight on Katie Mitchell

Katie Mitchell has attended Messiah Lutheran since birth and has become a strong leader in our congregation. When Katie thinks about Messiah she thinks about laughter, smiles, singing, greetings, and most of all; the fellowship that is shared. Katie loves the mission of our church, the ways we reach out to the community and support […]

Spotlight on Jillian Fee

Jillian Fee grew up attending Messiah Lutheran Church and is very active in the congregation. What she enjoys most about worshiping at Messiah is the sense of family that she feels from the other members of the church. Jillian serves as an acolyte and offering bearer during worship and has been a part of the […]