Worship with us

Sundays at 9 am 10:30 am

In-person and online – Temporarily at 10:30 am while we are worshiping outdoors, to be a little warmer.

Gathering in the park on Plum St. in New Berlin.
(Plum and Liberty, by the old Elementary School)

We’ll set up the altar and musicians near the pavilion and spread out under the shade of the trees and up the hill. Please bring chairs or blankets to sit on. We are following procedures similar to those followed by the Campus Theatre movie nights in Lewisburg or dining outdoors:

  • wear a mask in and out and when moving around
  • sit with people already in your family unit (loosely defined as people you’re already spending time with)
  • keep a physical distance (roughly one Lowell – my arms are just over 6’ from tip to tip) from other groups
  • it’s okay to remove your mask when with your group and your group is distanced from another groups
    • please replace your mask when moving around or socializing with people outside your family unit.
  • worship leaders will be spaced about 15’ apart and away from others so that we can remove our masks to lead worship.
  • We will still refrain from full volume congregational singing as a safety precaution. However, we will have song leaders singing on a microphone and do encourage humming along or soft singing by all.

We also stream video of our worship on Facebook and you can listen by phone by calling 570-838-5683.

Welcome to worship! We’d love to hear more about you and connect with you through the “Count me in!” form below.

Wednesday Evening Prayer – 6:30 pm

Wednesday evenings we are worshipping remotely with our next door neighbors, Emmanuel United Church of Christ.