“Your Kingdom come.”

What does heaven look like?

How is that the same or similar to God’s Kingdom coming?

The Revelation to John is the book of the Bible that gives us the most insight into these questions (and some serious confusions). It should be read as a revealing of a mystery. It describes interpretation of things that have taken place and a perspective into the future.

Readings:  Revelation 7 & 21 (to name a few). Of course, be sure to read Luther’s explanation in this part of the Small Catechism.

A couple important notes:

Apocalypse means revealing or revelation.

God intends on making a new heaven and a new Earth. Heaven comes down. God’s Kingdom is being established here by us. God intends to make all things right through us and the overwhelming of God’s grace, light, and goodness.


for those who so desperately need all the good things of God to overtake the sufferings in their little corner of the world.

for those who are unsure of the majesty and mystery of God, that they may come to believe in the one true God.

for ways that we can expedite God’s kingdom to come in our time.

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