The Fifth Commandment

For further study, take a look at Genesis 4:1-16.

Considering all of the ways that Luther’s answer applies to our life is overwhelming.  Don’t shut down, though, consider the ways that you can be more faithful. The big question really is, “In what ways am I potentially killing others?”

Consider also how Jesus injects himself into our killing and warring ways.  This, for me, brings new meaning into the term “human shield.”  He winds up dead, but God is capable of swallowing death.  So, Jesus charges us with continuing his mission of reverence for life.  The mission began with the gift of the Law and was fulfilled through him and is being fulfilled through us.  Every time we show reverence for life, we honor Christ.  Matthew 25:34-36 is a good connection to see how loving and caring for God means caring for and serving others.

Pray for those who do not see their harmful ways, that they may be turned from violence and hatred.

Pray for those who work for justice and peace-keeping.

Pray for those who work in food pantries, health care, welfare offices, and relief services.

Pray for those who guard the environment and those who grow food for hungry neighbors.


Yours in Christ,

Andrew Fitch

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