This year we are unable to gather in person as God’s people for Holy Week. Just because we are apart from our beloved community physically does not mean that these days are not happening. God’s action in our world as Jesus Christ—dining with us, dying with us and for us, and rising to new life—are just as real now as they ever were. When we gather again in person, we will celebrate the Paschal Triduum in a way that is more like that to which we are accustomed, but while we are apart, I invite you to celebrate these days at home with your family. I invite you to lament the separation, to feel the loss, and to rejoice in the resurrection. The resurrection is not just for Easter and not just when we feel like it. Resurrection is for every day, and especially for when we don’t feel like it.

Maundy Thursday – April 9

You are invited into an Agape Meal, a meal of love, at home with your family. Prepare a simple meal, including bread and wine [or other festive beverage], and gather as a family to worship over dinner this evening. The worship guide has specific prayers and readings to say during this meal. If you live alone or in a couple, consider joining with others through a telephone or video chat. We will share a video later in the week with a few hymns to accompany this meal gathering.

Good Friday – April 10

We worship with the Stations of the Cross, an ancient pattern of following the way of Jesus through Jerusalem to Golgotha and to the Tomb. You are invited to worship with the stations in your home and online throughout the day.

Holy Saturday – April 11

At dusk, set a candle and a bowl of water on your table and shout for joy at the risen Christ whose light overcomes the darkness and join in a simplified variation of the Easter Vigil.

Easter – April 12

Give thanks for the risen Lord in the dawning of the new day. Shout Alleluia, sing for joy, and marvel at the Christ who was and is and will be again. Christ is risen indeed.

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