Exploring the Small Catechism 1:2

Exploring the Small Catechism 1:2

The Second Commandment.

Check out Exodus 3 to go along with this piece.  Superficially, the bush by this name should be taking on its characteristic bright red colors right about now (at the time of this writing).  More deeply, this passage is about Name and naming.  What does it mean to you that God discloses a personal name to us, through the people of our heritage?  Incidentally, this would be a good and clear reason for us to love and cherish our Jewish brothers and sisters–our parent has the same name!

Also, particularly poignant is Matthew 20:11-18.  Pay particular attention to verse 16.  It is in the name that God becomes recognizable.  This time, to the first human witness of the Resurrection.  God knows the power of being called by our name to grab our attention and be in conversation.  What does it mean that God knows our name and wants to call us by our name just as much as God wants us to call upon God by the Name above all Names?

Names and naming is a very significant theme in the Bible (and in ordinary life).  Names change or are transformed marking covenants and conversions.  Your favorite Bible character probably had two names.  One before God and one after God touched their life.

Take a moment to pray considering your name and what it means that God knows it (and all the nicknames).

Pray also for those recently named into the Book of Life.

Pray for those who are nameless and unknown, those who their society or culture rejects or ignores, recognizing that God knows them and does not want us to live and treat others that way.