The Holy Spirit

Read the Third Article of the Apostle’s Creed on the Holy Spirit and Luther’s Explanation of “What does this mean?” in the Small Catechism.

Thanks again to the Catechism students for their work in preparing the video.  (With a high five to Madison for the video compiling.)

Take a look at the birth of the church in Acts – the first few chapters.

In what ways have you seen the Holy Spirit active in your life?  How can we see something that is typically invisible?

Those of you that are older might remember a time when this person of God was called the Holy Ghost–how is that less preferable? Do you believe in unholy ghosts and spirits? Why should you or what power do they actually have?

Considering all the things that Luther itemizes as the work of the Holy Spirit – what does that leave us to do?

How can you be a better “conduit” or vessel for the Holy Spirit?

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