Messiah Family,

Our Phased Re-Opening Team has been meeting regularly to discuss a safe way to
increase our in-person church activities including Sunday Worship. We are excited to
share Church Council meetings have been taking place, in-person, since mid-May and
Committee Meetings will begin in-person meetings the first week of June. These
meetings are taking place in the Fellowship Hall following safety measures including at
least 6 feet of space between each person and wearing masks. The Church Sanctuary has
also been open since mid-May on select days and times for prayer and meditation. All of
these activities have been going well and will continue to take place as we increase
activities at our Church.

Our Phased Re-Opening Team is discussing and outlining a plan for in-person Sunday
Worship. The team is using guidelines shared by the CDC and other sources to guide
their work. The Phased Re-Opening Team has identified a basic outline for Sunday
Worship and has asked the Music and Worship Committee to plan for Sunday Worship
following the outline established. The Phased Re-Opening Team is also planning for the
safety of those who attend in-person service. These include seating, use of space,
sanitizing and general worship procedures. We ask that you understand our worship may
look a little different in the beginning as we follow safety guidelines. We want to gather
together as one body but need to practice safety and proper social distancing guidelines
as Union County and surrounding counties allow for more “normalcy” in our everyday
lives. The Phase Re-Opening Team will continue to meet regularly to adjust all church
activities including Sunday Worship.

The Phased Re-Opening Team is also discussing the creation of Small Group Prayer
Meetings. Small Group Prayer Meetings will give us an opportunity to meet in small
groups, generally people in your everyday social circle, to participate in a short Dwelling in
the Word discussion, sharing out positives happening in your life along with difficulties
and struggles we are faced with. The small group will also pray for the celebrations and
needs of their group and our Church. These small groups would be led by a designated
Leader who will meet with Pastor Chilton to prepare for the Small Group Prayer Meeting.
Materials and prayers will be provided so all groups have consistency. We are looking for
leaders and those who would be interested in being part of a small prayer group. Please
complete the survey included in this mailing, paper copy or digitally via the survey link, by
Saturday, June 20, 2020. Paper copies of the survey can be dropped off at the Church
during open Sanctuary times. Establishing Small Group Pray Meetings will also give us an
opportunity to meet in small groups if we find ourselves in a situation that requires us to
scale back our worship activities based on Covid-19 outbreaks. Please consider being a
group leader and/or joining a small group.

It is the goal of The Phased Re-Opening Team to have in-person worship during the
month of June. Please look for future communications as the team continues their work.

Philip Heggenstaller
The Phased Re-Opening Team: Philip Heggenstaller, Nate Willard, Thomas Milbrand,
Janine Fee, Kaylin Foss, Chris Hauck, and Pastor Chilton

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