The Third Commandment

Remember the Sabbath,to keep it holy.

Just so we are clear about the day:  The Jewish Sabbath day is Saturday.  This is the last day of the week.  See Genesis 1– the divinely ordered day of rest after the work of creation.  The Resurrection occurred on the first day of the week, which is Sunday.  This is why it is also called the Lord’s Day.  Both together are why we have a “weekend.” So, if you like weekends, thank God!  Recognizing that not all people have a five day work week is certainly part of this commandment.  God is looking out for the “little guy” and setting an ordinance to prevent overworking the servants and workers, but also for all of us to keep the holy rhythm.  Prayerfully consider what it means to enjoy time off at the expense of others.

One of my new favorite podcasts – One Extraordinary Marriage, always starts with the same tag lines that include “being busy is overdone.”  How true is that?!  Even when we have days off or holidays, we rarely rest in them and give glory to God in the midst of them.  Being busy is not a sign of importance or status.  It is a sign that we don’t know how to appropriately say no to things besides rest and God.  As I write this, I am ahead of the “Christmas rush.”  I know of some that have already begun  to purchase and plan.  I have often scoffed at this timing, but if it helps you to be less busy and actually engage in the relationships around you, then I think it is good.

A closing thought from Alvin N. Rogness, there are clubs and teams that require you to attend every meeting or practice.  If you miss, you are out.  “The church has no such rule.  You can miss the church service and still be a member, though your absence may be harmful to you.”  In fact, many churches find it hard to clear the membership rolls of those that are long gone.  God only requires us to love God and to love one another.  All of the other commandments support the first one.  If you love God, you want to honor God’s name and show up in the time and place set aside specifically to listen to God and to thank God.  What would you think of a football payer that didn’t bother to show up for scheduled practices.



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