Bible readings along with this are Matthew 1:18-25; 2:13-23, particularly the first few verses.  Notice also the Genealogy that begins the Gospel.  The people that lead up to Jesus are significant.

As we are in the year of Matthew, notice how different the birth story is.

Today’s video is not strictly about the birth story, but about what happens as time passes.

How does the meaning of Christmas change as time passes?

Are there parts of Christmas that we don’t want to let go of?

Pray for those who travel and those who protect the travelers.

Pray for those without a home, those who are transients or refugees–knowing that they have names and lives that were torn apart.  Prayerfully consider how we can see Jesus in those who are without permanent shelter.

Pray for contentment, that it would grow and find a home in your heart.

Peace and Love in Christ,


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