This Advent and Christmas, all congregations of the Buffalo Valley Conference are invited to contribute to a virtual choir recording of “Joy to the World.” We are using ELW #267 for this recording.

Steps for recording:

  1. Get the sheet music here or get an ELW and open to #267.
  2. Download or stream accompaniment below.
    If needed, also download the rehearsal track for your part.
    1. Recording Track (Video) OR Recording Track (audio-only)
      Use this when you record your video. This has the organ accompaniment with soprano and tenor voices to hopefully make it easier to record your part. This has instructions included, which are also #6 below.
    2. Rehearsal tracks (mp3 audio only)
      These are only one verse long so you can hear your part. Soprano is not included sense that is the main vocal on the recording track.
      1. Alto
      2. Tenor
      3. Bass
  3. Have headphones or earbuds available for doing the recording. – this is really important.
  4. Dress appropriately for Advent or Christmas (silly sweaters are welcome).
  5. Find somewhere quiet – especially important is to not have TV or radio noise.
  6. Find a way to play the accompaniment through your headphones/earbuds while you are also recording. Some examples, have your partner record on their phone while you listen on yours or use a computer that can play the audio and record your video at the same time.
  7. Listen to the Recording Track in headphones while singing your part.
    1. Be sure that the playback of the accompaniment is going through the earbuds/headphones.
    2. At the beginning of your recording, please say your name, part, and congregation aloud.
    3. Count off aloud with Gaye (the organist). Also clap with her. This helps line up the recordings.
    4. Notes on the arrangement
      1. The first verse is all voices in unison (tutti)
      2. The second verse is only higher voices. Altos, please switch to the harmony if you can.
      3. The third verse is lower voices only. Tenor, please sing the melody in your range. On the recording track, you’ll hear Craig Miller singing this part. Basses please sing harmony.
      4. The fourth verse in all verses in harmony.
      5. For all verses – if you can’t catch the harmony singing alone, feel free to sing the melody in your range. Hopefully we have enough people singing harmony that it can balance out.
  8. Please Name the recording JoyToTheWorld.MyPart.LastName.FirstName.
  9. Submit the file with your recording to Dropbox.

Deadline – 9 am Saturday, December 12, 2020